Essentials for traveling

Essentials for traveling
There are always a few essentials we should travel with regardless of the destination, maybe you’re going to relax in a Caribbean island, maybe you’re going to party hard in Mexico or maybe you’re going skiing in Aspen. Anywhere the road takes you just make sure you’re prepared with this ultimate list of essentials and I’ll tell you why.
As you can tell I have a huge desire to wonder and travel the world, and from my experience and learning from my mistakes I made this list, which I hope you find it helpful. Btw here I’m showing brands but the main purpose is just to give an example of the product. 
I can’t wait to pack for this season fashion week in New York!!! Stay tuned and if you think about something else that could or should be on the list let me know by commenting this post or by email
No importa a dónde sea que viajemos, ya sea que vayamos a relajarnos a una playa paradisíaca en el Caribe, de fiesta loca en México o incluso algo más extremo como esquiar en Aspen, existe una lista de básicos que debemos de llevar con nosotros a la hora de viajar. El destino es lo de menos siempre y cuando estemos preparados para cualquier adversidad, sigue leyendo y te voy a explicar el porque.
 Como se pueden dar cuenta soy la primera en apuntarse cuando se trata de salir a nuevos lugares desconocidos (o no tan desconocidos) y conforme a mis experiencias tanto buenas como malas he creado una lista de los artículos básicos con los cuales deberíamos de viajar. Por cierto en esta lista aparecen marcas, mas la idea principal es simplemente mostrar el producto y explicar su importancia.
Estoy ya súper emocionada y lista para empacar para la semana de la moda en Nueva York!!! Así que manténganse pendientes del blog por qué va a estar lleno de nuevo contenido, espero les guste y les sea útil esta lista más si piensan en algún otro producto que podría estar en esta lista háganmelo saber comentando en esta publicación o por email a

A big purse (una bolsa grande y de preferencia que se pueda colgar de lado)- it doesn’t has to be Marry Poppins size as longs as is big enough to fit most of the things on the list, also I would recommend it to be the kind of purse you can also make it cross body style so you don’t get neck pain.

Givenchy black purse

Passport (pasaporte)– if you’re traveling international don’t forget to bring your passport with you because you most likely get asked for it all times, if you’re just going somewhere in your country just remember to bring an ID. 

FOSSIL travel bag

Watch (reloj)- A watch is essential to be in time and not lose any fights or trains and also if there’s a time difference you can easily change your watch to another timezone.  

Wrap watch

Sunglasses (lentes de sol)- to cover form the sun, to cover eye bags because of the yet lag, to make yourself look more interesting and sophisticated.

  Wood Wood sunglasses


Money (dinero)- obviously we need money to travel but what I mean is that we should always bring least  a little bit of clash with us, in some places they don’t take cards everywhere. 

God We Trust accessory

Lipstick- even if we’re not wearing that much makeup an extra pop of color on the lips can drag lots of attention to you plus is sexy.

Mac cosmetic

Chapstick (bálsamo para labios) – our lips tend to get really dry while traveling so for me this is a must.

Hand sanitizer (antibacterial para manos)- airports, buses,  public restrooms, etc are some of the places where you can find more bacteria and get your hands dirty without noticing.

Phone charger or battery (cargador del teléfono o pila recargable)- one of the worst things that can happen is not to have battery on your phone, so that’s why I always carry something with what to charge my phone with. 

Earbuds (audífonos)- when places (specially terminals) get too noisy is always good to be able to scape to our little world or on the other hand if you’re somewhere that’s really quiet you can just plug your earbuds to don’t disturb anyone.

PhunkeeTree Black Earbuds
Camera (camara)- I just love to snap random things and create good memories of my trips so a camera is a most when traveling 
Magazine (revista)- whenever I have free time specially on the airplanes I love to get a good read from a good magazine.
Neck pillow (almohada de cuello)- 

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