Super Food Morning Shake 

We all have a love-hate relationship with mornings, every morning I feel blessed that I have another day to live and that I’m healthy and alive seeking my dreams but at the same time my pillow loves me and I find it super hard to wake up early without snoozing a couple times my alarm. 

To wake up with energy and ready to kick off an amazing day I recommend having a greens shake that will provide not only vitamins but also antioxidants and natural caffeine. 

Super greens is a powder raw food greens, fruit and vegetables formula that you can add and combine to your favorite smoothie, the one that I use is raw super food and berry blend that includes +32 organic whole food extracts, mixed berries, kale, barley grass, beets, wheat grass, blue green algae, Aloe Vera and dairy free probiotics.

Super greens can be pricey but they’re totally worth it, you can find them in several brands and prices at any grocery store, specially the ones that have an organic products section (i.e. Whole Foods, Traders Joes, Sprouds, GNC, and even Walmart).


What you need: 

  • Unsweetened almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk or dairy free milk. You can also use coconut water or regular water. 
  • Frozen açai.
  • Half a banana.
  • One scoop of super greens.

Blend all the ingredients together and voilà you have a delicious and healthy  breakfast ready.

I hope this week y’all reach your goals. 




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