The best looks (in my opinion) for the Autumn/Winter 2016 Prada Fashion Show in Milan.        

The girl in the hat

📍Vineyards, Temecula Valley, Ca. There are two types of people in this world, the ones that love wearing hats and the ones that just can't wear a hat (all opinions are respected). I was in a neutral point where I knew I wanted a hat but I hadn't found the one for me.  After many... Continue Reading →

New Years detox 

📍New Port, Ca. Every year during this holidays I see so many posts of people saying they are going to change and that they hope the new year will "bring" them happiness, money, love, etc... Ok people here's the reality, there's something wrong with you if you need to change in order to be happy,... Continue Reading →

Merry elfin’ Christmas 

📍San Diego, Ca. It's Christmas again and I can't believe how things have changed in just a year, but changes aren't bad, actually I believe that all changes as hard as they seem are for good, imagine how boring it would be to always be stuck on the same place without being able to move... Continue Reading →

Spotted📍 CLT-ERW

Thanks giving is a time to celebrate with your family and to be thankful of what we have... I don't have a family here but since I got here I met a girl that I'm so close to that I can't even call her my friend because we're more like sisters and I'm really happy... Continue Reading →

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