New Years detox 

📍New Port, Ca. Every year during this holidays I see so many posts of people saying they are going to change and that they hope the new year will "bring" them happiness, money, love, etc... Ok people here's the reality, there's something wrong with you if you need to change in order to be happy,... Continue Reading →

Merry elfin’ Christmas 

📍San Diego, Ca. It's Christmas again and I can't believe how things have changed in just a year, but changes aren't bad, actually I believe that all changes as hard as they seem are for good, imagine how boring it would be to always be stuck on the same place without being able to move... Continue Reading →


📍Manhattan, NYC. The world is really messed up, with everything that has been going on lately I'm starting to loose faith on humanity because I only see people trying to survive instead of people just living. I think the main problem is selfishness that exists, every country, every religion, every culture and every person seeks... Continue Reading →

Día de muertos for Halloween

📍México As a Mexican one of my favorite holidays is Día de Muertos (day of the death) which is our kind of Halloween but instead of going trick-or-treat or going party in different costumes what we do is remembering our loved ones that are not longer here with us, in other words we venerate death.... Continue Reading →


📍Meat packing district, NYC A friend told me that everyone has a golden year (everything that shines is good thing, isn't it?) in their life and that happen when you turned the age of your birth date, so this IS my golden year. I just turned 20 the 20th! I'm not like the rest of... Continue Reading →

Next stop… NYC

📍Charlotte, NC. Back to the love of my life♡  You don't have to live in New York to be a New Yorker       De regreso al amor de mi vida♡ No necesitas vivir en Nueva York para ser un Neoyorquino! 

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